Anxiety & Stress Management

Anxiety, depression, stress, burn-out…we all experience them at some point or another. It’s such a well-accepted fact that we have the tendency to not do anything about it until it’s really late and it comes at a tremendous cost. What does that mean?

  • A trip to the ER with a panic attack that feels like your heart is on fire and you are losing your mind
  • Sleepless night because you can’t shut your brain down
  • The inability to get out of bed because you have no energy and simply don’t care
  • Headaches, ulcers, back pain, just feeling like crap overall
  • The inability to enjoy your kids, your spouse, your friends, being completely emotionally unavailable and biting everyone’s head off if they happen to cross your way

Any of these could mean anxiety, depression, burnout but in it’s most SEVERE form.

But there is no need to let it get out of hand like this. Anxiety, depression, and stress are some of the mental health areas that we have good interventions for. And really considering that we are all going to experience this at some point or another, I don’t even call it intervention. It’s really more like psychoeducation or a path to self-awareness, self-development, and emotional intelligence.

My approach to individual therapy:

  • Recognize what the uncomfortable symptoms really mean
  • Figure out triggers
  • Design a plan that works for you (aka things you are actually willing to try) that will either prevent these triggers or make them less powerful
  • Go practice!
  • Come back for booster sessions when needed
  • Easy access to me by email or text in between sessions
  • Check in and follow up emails in between sessions with additional resources
  • Free access to our content bank, Anxiety & Stress Management Resource Center

If you have any questions or are ready to give this a try, email me at or call/text (623) 628-0406 or simply set up an appointment right here. My office is in Litchfield Park, AZ and I also offer online coaching because convenience is huge when there are not enough hours in a day.