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If you’ve landed on this website, you may be one of those many people that are not fond of the idea of going to therapy. That’s totally ok, therapy or in-person coaching is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Or maybe you do love it, but it’s not always affordable or just can’t find any more time in your day to squeeze an appointment. For all of you that may fit these descriptions or just have a DIY side, I’ve created a CONTENT HUB that includes free workbooks, ebooks, and courses at different price points, ranging from FREE to AFFORDABLE.

A sample of what you’ll find inside is listed below. You can join us and view the content by signing up in the box above. No worries, I’m not going to flood your inbox. I only send one monthly email (which I really try to make super helpful) and you can subscribe at any time.

Here are a few things you are going to find:



Free Marriage & Relationship Resource Center

Your go-to center for when you are tired of complaining to your best friend about your significant other, but not quite ready to invest in couples’ therapy

Is your communication style effective or giving you some heartache?

Words do matter!

Are you in a relationship with an emotionally unavailable partner?

From emotionally challenged to emotionally savvy!



Free Anxiety & Stress Management Center

Your go-to center when you need some quick tips & tricks to manage the stress

Be your own stress therapist

Breathing-the quickest trick to control your nerves

I want to change but I don’t know where to start

My Spouse Wants More Sex Than Me: The 2-Minute Solution

Is “not enough sex” a daily or weekly argument in your relationship?

Is sex at the bottom of your to-do list after mopping the floors, laundry, and packing the kids’ lunches?

Would you rather catch up on your favorite show than have sex?

This is a self-help book about sex and communication in a marriage. It is a humorous and straightforward book that talks about the reality of a marital relationship, not about the fairy tale you see in movies. It’s a book with actionable solutions especially for busy and exhausted partners who are in the midst of doing it all: work, household, kids, sports and can’t find time and energy for physical intimacy.

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The Overthinker’s Guide to Managing Anxiety

TO BE RELEASED December 18th, 2018

This is a 2-hour beginner level course for anxious and stressed out overthinkers who are frazzled, worn-out, and exhausted from trying to balance out panic attacks, insomnia, and overanalyzing everything that doesn’t go their way but still undecided about going to therapy.

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