From Emotionally Challenged to Emotionally Savvy

Have you ever been accused of?

  • Not listening to your loved one?
  • Not caring about your loved one’s feelings?
  • Being too cold and calculated?
  • Constantly invalidating your partner?
  • Not being able to open up and share yourself?
  • Not being emotionally available?
  • Only caring about your own needs?
  • Always minimizing others’ needs and emotions?
  • Sending mixed signals?

Yes, hearing this always p***es you off! Everyone seems to be so and whine-y, needy, and self-centered.


As much as you hate hearing and admitting it, do you believe there may be some truth to it? Because, deep down, when you do take a moment and allow yourself to think about it and feel something, you do know something is off. And it’s always been there, for as long as you remember.As a recovering emotionally challenged person, I know pretty well what you are thinking and feeling right now. You are so not into this emotional, touchy-feely type of BS. You don’t have time for it! What’s the point of it, anyway? How did I even end up on this page?

You are not that excited about doing this….because you don’t really need it. You don’t really need to engage in therapy or anything close to that.

I seriously know that! And I feel your pain! I decided to become a psychologist because I didn’t want to go to therapy. I couldn’t trust anyone would be able to help me out better than I can help myself.

SO I DID! I spent lots of time and lots of money getting a doctorate degree and diving into self-awareness and self-development. I don’t regret it one bit. It was the best thing I could have ever done for myself and for my family.

But even now, I am not any more inclined to go to therapy myself. And I realized that there are many people like me that will not go to therapy. They don’t trust other people, they don’t have the time, and they don’t want to pay money for it. And they would rather be doing something else.

But I know these people, just like me, can still be in pain and want to do better. They need help and there’s lots of knowledge and tools out there to help them.

That’s why I created the course. First, the free email course like this one, and then a few upgrades later for when you are ready.

This is something you can do in the privacy of your own home, in the middle of the night (when you are awake with your thoughts), or whenever you are up for it.

This is not your typical feel-good type of course.

This is a direct approach just for action, task-oriented people like you to help you activate a part of your brain that is not being used to full capacity. And I bet you didn’t even think about it like that.

You probably believe stuff like:

  • Feelings are for the weak
  • Love is generally a foolish notion designed to entrap the vulnerable
  • True love does not really exist or it’s likely to disappear
  • Hang on—what is true love?
  • You understand relationships for the purpose of financial security, sex, convenience or some sort of other practical value
  • People whine and cry and talk too much about their problems and emotions instead of doing something about it

Life has worked out ok for you. Being tough and independent helped you achieve more in life, move faster, and not get bogged down by drama.

BUT all of these beliefs have also not always made you feel good because:

  • At times, you do feel the need for real affection and connection
  • At times, you do want to be there for your loved one, but you don’t really know how to
  • At times, you get so overwhelmed with others’ feelings and clinginess that you feel like running away or just aggressively push them away

So, if you are at a point where you are either tired of your partner complaining about your emotional unavailability


You are actually tired of going from relationship to relationship with the same problems


You have kids and you feel like you are not being the best parent you could be

You want your life to be more than what’ve experienced or been taught?

If you are an action, no bull, straight to the point type of personality, but still feel emptiness, a lack of connection, like something is missing.


(no credit card required, just an email address)

Each day for 5 days you’ll receive a new lesson (and a little bit of homework) right in your inbox that will gently challenge you to use a different part of your brain, will help you consider how you may come across to other people, will teach you how to express empathy and validation towards others when you may not necessarily feel inclined to right away.

If this is so great, why is this free?

This course is a basic foundational guide to coach you through:

  1. How you ended up here and why you are different than others
  2. What an emotion actually is and the myths that are getting us in trouble
  3. The purpose of emotions and how to assess and label positive and negative emotions
  4. How to step outside of yourself and learn how you are impacting others
  5. How to take all this new-found awareness to a different level of power and confidence

This course has information that you’d be getting over the course of 3 therapy sessions and would cost one $375.00.

But I am offering it for FREE. Why?

Because as a recovering emotionally challenged (or avoidant-dismissive) person, I understand the pain and the emptiness, the inability to connect. But I also am extremely proud of the changes I’ve made that made me a “decent” spouse (it’s a work in progress-we’ll talk about it in the course) and “a pretty good mother” (my biggest accomplishment).

I see a lot of people (there are more of us than you think) dealing with the same pain points and I am passionate about showing you a different approach to improving your life, your relationships, your parenting skills, and even your business skills, your communication.

There are a lot of people like you and I out there dealing with the same pain points. Most of them, just like you and I, are not willing to go to therapy, so they may never find out that there are different ways to go through life, that would make it easier, more satisfying, and more productive.

But I am passionate about showing you a different approach to improving life, your relationships, your parenting skills, your communication, and even your business skills. I will show you that there are many things about psychology that are amazing and that will transform your life!

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