My Spouse Wants More Sex Than Me

Do you often ask yourself how your spouse could care THAT much about sex? Is reconnecting with your spouse in your bedroom the lowest priority in your life? Would you rather do absolutely anything else more than giving into your spouse’s never-ending need for more sex?

If you answered yes, My Spouse Wants More Sex Than Me: The 2-Minute Solution for a Happier Marriage is the book for you.

Understanding your spouse’s experience can be the most difficult part of a marriage. Instead of trying to understand his or her needs, we often sacrifice too much of our marriage and leave our spouse to become the misunderstood and deprived partner we can complain about to all of our friends.

It is no secret that the female and male brains operate differently, but there is no reason to apologize for these differences. In this short and effective book, I talk about these differences and I offer actionable steps on how to escape this “lose-lose” scenario so many couples get trapped in. When implemented, these tools and tips can make an actual difference in the marriage, and yes only two minutes at a time.


“All he ever wants is sex.”

“Does he think about anything other than sex?”


You can keep asking these questions and expecting things to improve without doing anything or you can dive into “My Spouse Wants More Sex Than Me: The 2-Minute Solution for a Happier Marriage” to jump-start your connection and create a lasting plan for a more rewarding marriage.


  • “FINALLY! Someone with the courage to tell the TRUTH! It's not politically correct. It's not sugar-coated. It's the truth, and, in this case, the truth may very well be marriage-saving. I completely appreciate her candor, and her willingness to discuss this very sensitive topic in a way that can be understood, and appreciated, by everyone who reads it. A very quick read - very little fluff. Right down to business. HIGHLY recommend to everyone in a relationship.”

    Air Force Officer
  • “Let’s be truthful, who hasn’t been in the middle of something and the other partner is being annoying by trying to initiate sex? There have been times when I’ve been washing dishes and I’m thinking, “Really?” Imagine a relationship where neither person is being refused what they need and no feelings are being hurt and everyone is satisfied. Well – it works for me."

    Donna M.
  • “This is a fast-paced and very informative self-help guide that thoughtfully addresses a variety of challenges that couples face in their marriage, especially in the areas of sexual intimacy and communication. The author utilizes her professional knowledge and interweaves it with her own personal experiences to connect with the reader in order to provide practical and insightful information that can help couples embrace, understand, and enhance their marriage. This is an easy to read, helpful and practical relationship guide that I would recommend to all married couples.”

    Jersey Girl
  • “Written with authority and humor, Dr. LeMay understands what couples are dealing with because she has dealt with it too. She has taken what can seem like an overwhelming situation and gives the reader ideas they can try right away to make a difference in their relationship with their spouse. My favorite part is how the material is presented. While acknowledging the content slants more toward women, LeMay doesn't forget how men feel about this sensitive topic. She talks to them too; making this an excellent resource for both genders. I also like that the author talks about the commitment marriage requires. Her dedication to helping couples understand each other is evident throughout the book.”

    Cheryl M.