Provider Spotlight: Nancy Gilbert- Realtor

     You may never think of a realtor as providing services for anyone with ADHD, Asperger, or autism but the people who have this diagnosis, either themselves or for their kids, know exactly how stressful it is to find the right house, navigate the process, actually move and not lose your cool in the process. My friend, Nancy Gilbert, has extensive experience in both finding the right home for you but also in finding the right home for you when non-neurotypical challenges come into play. These diagnoses have a difficult time with flexibility, changes, the unknown, and not having control over all of these variables. In one of our playdates, Nancy and I talked about the pressure of social interactions for parents that have to take their spectrum kids out in public and having to explain or apologize for their behavior. I totally get it, so having someone to take you on several home tours and not having to say “I’m sorry” to, every 5 minutes, is huge. Someone that can engage your kids in the process and make it fun and a learning experience could make the difference between meltdowns, tears, screaming, and “grieving the loss of an old and familiar space” and a pleasant, enjoyable, skill-building experience, and starting a new and exciting life. Enjoy Nancy’s insights!   1. Tell me about your business: what, why, for how long and its relation to ADHD. I am a realtor for buyers and sellers in the Southwest Valley, Arizona serving Avondale, Litchfield Park, Goodyear, Surprise, Buckeye, and the other surrounding areas. One of the areas I concentrate on is working with families with kids with special needs including autism spectrum, ADHD, and anxiety. 2. Tell me your WHY behind creating a service for the ADHD community.  I have 2 sons, one who has Asperger’s and both have ADHD & anxiety.  Moving is one of the most stressful things that we experience, and this can be a particularly frustrating experience for those families with special needs. I wanted to create a service to help families through the process. 3. Please share an actionable tip that parents can implement today. Whether you are buying or selling, the most important action you can take is to interview your realtor.  What steps can they take throughout the process to help your child? What experience do they have in making accommodations for that child?  How can they help YOU? 4. Words of wisdom for parents that just received the diagnosis of ADHD for their child?   I believe a diagnosis of ADHD was a relief.  It made me understand my children better, how to best help them, and what steps I could take to help them succeed. My advice is to speak to other parents, to form a tribe and community of other parents who are also experiencing ADHD. They will understand you and lift you up through the trials and celebrate your successes! 5. Favorite quote: yours or someone else's, a quote the re-centers or lifts you up. Extra points if it’s relatable to helping kids and parents on the ADHD journey.   Jonathan Mooney is an activist and speaker who has ADHD and Dyslexia. I watched a YouTube video of one of his talks. It was life-changing. I have watched it repeatedly.  He talks about his ‘Bulldog Irish Catholic’ mother who fought for her son every step of the way.  She said to him, “You don’t need someone to fix you. You need someone to fight for you and with you.”  It is a great reminder that I am my sons’ advocate, and I will fight for them. Every day. 6. What’s your definition of a successful ADHD management plan?  It is a continual work in progress.  We are given new situations, people, obstacles every day, every week, every season.  Consistency, where possible, is key in our household. Specifically, with expectations. When expectations are clearly defined, we have greater success and peace in our day.   7. Where can people find you and learn more about you? Nancy Gilbert Website: Facebook: @skyhometeam Call/Text: (480) 544-7843      If you would like resources on ADHD, check out my free ADHD Center with videos, information, and tips to support you and your family. If you are looking for a community of ADHD support, you are welcome to join our free Facebook Group here.