Rates & Insurance

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  • Full Session (50 min, individual, couples, or family) $125
  • Booster Session (30 min) $70
  • Extended Session (90 min) $225


We don’t accept insurance. The reason could turn into a very long answer, but the short answer is that I am in the field of psychology to take care of people and offer the best mental health care options for you, not the insurance companies.

Insurance companies’ regulations often interfere with my ability to do this. Filling out paperwork and trying to keep up with all the bureaucratic rules take too much time and energy that I would rather spend looking for the best resources for you and your family.

I would rather work directly for you than any insurance company or bureaucrat. You can rest assured that the choices I make for you about your care are not influenced by your insurance company or any other organization that could gain from you not getting what you need. I will be able to respond to your needs, not the demands of the insurance companies. Your care can never be rationed if you are paying for it yourself.

In addition, insurance companies often require a diagnosis in order to pay for services, even if a diagnosis is not necessary or appropriate. Furthermore, when using insurance, any diagnosis given will become a part of your medical record. While that might not be such a big deal right now, it may become one later on if you want to get life insurance, work in the financial sector managing other’s assets, regularly handle firearms, or seek employment in any field in which your decision-making might be questioned due to your emotional state. I strongly feel that people should get help they need without fear or shame for making their mental health and personal growth a priority.


I accept cash, check and all major credit cards as forms of payment.

Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to attend a session, please make sure you cancel at least 24 hours beforehand. Otherwise, you may be charged for the full rate of the session.

Any Other Questions

Please contact me for any additional questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you!