Welcome to the Women Who Rock! series

Women in their 40s rock! They work, they take care of their families, they do school projects, they volunteer, they create, and they inspire! They take action!

More importantly, they know who they are: what they like, what they don’t like, what they need, what they want, and how to get themselves up when they are down. And let’s admit it, they don’t stay down for long because they don’t have the time for pity parties. They have too much going on.  They appreciate good friends and kind and genuine people. They are not clingy or needy; they need support, but not constant validation. They are confident and speak up about the things that are important to them.

Does this sound a little too good to be true? Maybe. Does this happen daily? Probably not. Is this true for every woman? Absolutely not!

 But is it true that most women in their 40s are much stronger and confident than they were in their 20s? Oh, yeah! I’ll take my 40s any day over my volatile, insecure 20s-days. Living life in full, finding daily wisdom, and not needing to apologize for my feelings are my favorite things about being 40. As part of my growth and continuous journey, I’ve decided to find other confident women because they are inspiring to me: uplifting, creative, intelligent, always looking to improve. Inspired by Grace Bonney’s book,  In the Company of Women: Inspiration and Advice from over 100 Makers, Artists, and Entrepreneurs (I featured it in this post), I decided to look for women that fit this profile and to share their story.  Last year, I only had a chance to talk to Heather Simmons (find her story, Small Steps Lead To Big Changes, here). This year, I will be featuring a couple of interviews every month. These are professional women, all experts in a certain area, that juggle many roles on a daily basis. They work at home or outside of home, take care of their families, and have an entrepreneurial passion that they are nurturing.  And I’ll add a twist to it, a psychology twist, of course. We’ll talk about self-awareness, about strengths and opportunities for improvement, about their emotional availability and self-care, and their entrepreneurial efforts. The good, the bad, and the ugly of getting it all done.

I really hope you’ll enjoy reading these posts and you’ll find them inspirational and uplifting!

  ABOUT: Dr. Ruxandra LeMay is a private practice psychologist in Litchfield Park, Arizona with experience in family therapy, ADHD, stress and anxiety management, and executive coaching. She is the author of My Spouse Wants More Sex Than Me: The 2-Minute Solution For a Happier MarriageClick HERE to check out her free resources on effective communication, emotional unavailability, intimacy, and anxiety management or join her at www.ruxandralemay.comfor monthly blogs posts.